Coolfire Foundation

Every person has a story to tell.

The Coolfire Foundation will foster growth & opportunity for the born storytellers in St Louis that may not otherwise have a voice due to economic or social disadvantage.

The Coolfire Foundation has three main focuses - finding students that have great potential, providing meaningful opportunities for them to develop industry-specific skills, and provide resources to launch and grow their career, hopefully with opportunity to stay in St Louis. The Coolfire Foundation will also benefit area non-profits, which can receive free services from the student-run teams.

Our program specifically targets underprivileged students in high schools, junior high, boys clubs, and charter schools in the greater St. Louis area, with a three part process: Inspire, Educate, and Assist.

Make a pledge. Help us begin supporting students immediately by making a pledge for a one-time donation to financially support the foundation. Every dollar counts & will go directly to growing the talent pool in St. Louis.

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